Decking Oils

Decking Oils

Various oils can be used to oil decking to enhance the appearance of the timber, and to protect it from weathering. Our Clear Decking Oil is formulated to nourish and protect decking whilst have little or no impact on the colour of the decking, other than to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

If you’re looking for an all natural decking oil, then Tung Oil is a 100% pure oil that is great for all outdoor wood due to its excellent water resistance properties.

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  1. Clear Decking Oil
    Clear Decking Oil

    Deeply Penetrates Wooden Decking to Enhance, Nourish & Protect


    Superior quality clear decking oil that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish and protect

    • Advanced weather protection
    • Enhances the natural beauty of decking
    • Protects against wear & tear
    • Reduces fading and sun damage
    • Shower proof in two hours
    • Clear oil for a natural finish
    • 5 litre size covers 25m2
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  2. Pure Tung Oil
    Pure Tung Oil

    Out Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

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    Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

    • 100% natural, non-toxic and food safe
    • Highly resistant to water and food stains
    • Helps to prevent drying and deterioration of wood
    • Dries to a natural matt finish
    • Good penetration into all types of wood
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2 Items

About Decking Oils

Decking Oil can be used to treat all types of timber decking, including Siberian Larch Decking, Iroko Decking, Thermowood Decking, Teak, Oak and decking made from all other species of wood.

Unlike a decking stain, a decking oil soaks deep into the wood protecting and nourishing the timber. This will help keep the decking stronger, healthier and last much longer in addition to enhancing the colour of the decking.

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