Fabric Care Applicator Products

Specialist tools and accessories to aid in the cleaning and restoring of fabric items, including carpet & upholstery.

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  1. 50mm Paint Brush
    50mm Paint Brush

    Firm brush used for applying Fabric Paint


    The ideal brush for applying Fabric Paint

    • 50mm brush
    • Firm bristles
    • Light weight
    • Easy to use
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  2. Terry Towels 8kg
    Terry Towels 8kg

    Absorbent terry towel for all cleaning applications.


    Cleaned & bleached remnants of towelling; our Terry Towels are extra thick and absorbent and so are great for all cleaning requirements. 

    • Supplied in a 8kg bag
    • Various shapes and sizes
    • Great for polishing & buffing all surfaces
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  3. Tampico Brush
    Tampico Brush

    Specialist cleaning brush for leather, carpet and fabric.

    This unique brush makes cleaning...

    • Gentle way to clean deep down into leather's grain to release dirt easily
    • Absorbent bristles to help the cleaning process
    • Ideal for use with Leather Ultra Clean on difficult leather surfaces
    • Use to agitate fabrics, loosening clung on dirt
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3 Items

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