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We have a wide selection of leather dyes, paints, edge coats, finishes and specialist products to create unique and custom effects on leather.

These products are aimed at people and businesses who are creating items out of leather and require specialist products to finish their projects. 

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  1. Leather Paint
    Leather Paint

    Extremely flexible leather paint for painting any design on all leathers.

    From £5.95

    Leather paint is designed to paint designs onto all leathers

    • Extremely flexible; the leather paint will never crack, flake or peel
    • Excellent colour coverage: white leather paint covers black leather in one coat!
    • Applied by brush or sponge
    • Can be sprayed on as a leather spray paint
    • Soft, delicate and natural look & feel
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  2. Leather Dye
    Leather Dye

    Water-based dye for dying leather

    Out of stock

    Water-based leather dye used for dyeing leather

    • Non-flammable and non-toxic
    • Great penetration and coverage
    • Excellent colour fastness
    • Mixes easily to produce other colours
    • Safe to use in all environments
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  3. Leather Dye Pro
    Leather Dye Pro

    Alcohol-based dye used for dyeing leather

    Out of stock

    Alcohol based dye used for dying leather

    • Added oil keeps the leather soft
    • Great penetration and coverage
    • Excellent colour fastness
    • Mixes easily to produce other colours
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  4. Leather Natural Finish
    Leather Natural Finish

    Imparts a soft and smooth finish that enhances the tooled leather’s patina.

    From £5.95

    A clear finish that protects the leather whilst maintaining its natural look and feel

    • Enhances the leathers lustre
    • Protects against stains, spills and scuffing
    • Added wax for further softness
    • Subtle coating protects from everyday use
    • Moisture resistant while still breathable


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  5. Edge Paint
    Edge Paint

    Flexible coating to colour the edges of leather

    From £6.95

    A non-flammable, polyurethane paint which colours and finishes raw, or coated leather edges, all in one application. 

    • Extremely flexible: can withstand 100,000
    • Hard wearing and long lasting
    • Excellent colour coverage
    • Fast drying
    • Soaks in to create a thin covering
    • Can be applied over the Edge Coat
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  6. Antique Stain
    Antique Stain

    A coloured, wax-based gel used to give an antique effect on tooled leather

    From £6.95

    A coloured, wax based gel used to give an antiqued effect to leather.

    • Easy to use and apply
    • Highlights tooled areas
    • Subtly dyes the leather creating an antique look
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  7. Leather Dye Reducer
    Leather Dye Reducer

    Alcohol-based dye reducing agent


    An alcohol based product used to reduce the intensity of the Dye Pro, and to maintain its penetration

    • Helps create lighter tones within the Dye Pro range
    • Helps improve leathers that dye unevenly
    • Makes the dye go further
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  8. Antique Paste
    Antique Paste

    A thick coloured, wax-based paste used to give an antique effect on tooled leather

    From £10.95

    A thick, wax based, coloured paste used to create an antique effect to tooled leather.

    • Creates an antique effect
    • Emphasises tooled areas
    • Highlights key areas
    • Available in black and dark brown
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  9. Leather Glue PU
    Leather Glue PU

    Flexible glue that flexes with the leather for a long lasting repair.

    From £8.95

    An easy to use, strong and extremely flexible water based glue used for repairing leather.

    • Heat activated
    • Extremely strong
    • Extremely flexible
    • Safe to use: water-based
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  10. Leather Glue SB
    Leather Glue SB

    Strong, quick drying and very flexible solvent based Leather Glue.


    An easy to use, strong and flexible Solvent Based Glue used for gluing leather.

    • Newly improved formula!
    • Extremely strong
    • Quick drying - sets naturally in minutes but strengths over 24 hours
    • Excellent for cosmetic repairs
    • Can be used to glue leathers together and for gluing leather to other materials
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  11. Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)
    Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)

    Great for applying leather and suede dyes


    The Wool Dauber is the best tool for applying dyes to leather and suede.

    • Provides a smooth and even finish
    • Used by leather crafters and professionals
    • 125mm metal handle
    • 20mm diameter wool head


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  12. Leather Prep
    Leather Prep

    Strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufacturers finish from leather.

    From £9.95

    A strong solvent based cleaner, used for removing the manufacturers finish from leather.

    • An essential part of the preparation process
    • Removes oils and waxes from the leathers surface
    • Removes original coatings to ensure good adhesion
    • Extremely efficient
    • Can help to soften leather by removing old dried out coatings
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  13. Leather Finish
    Leather Finish

    Extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant leather finish used to seal leather after re-colouring.

    From £12.95

    An extremely flexible lacquer used for sealing in colour.

    • Soft and silky finish
    • Excellent scuff resistance
    • Extremely flexible
    • Water resistant
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