Suede Care

Suede Care

A specialist range of suede products to help keep all your suede items in their best condition. From Suede Cleaners and Suede Protectors to specialist products to restore and enhance suede, such as our Suede Dye and Suede Revive. 

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  1. Suede Cleaner
    Suede Cleaner

    Brilliant cleaners for all items of suede and nubuck

    From £9.95

    All-purpose suede cleaner for a safe, deep, and effortless clean

    • Cleans suede, nubuck, faux suede and alcantara
    • The suede cleaner achieves great results with little effort
    • Cleans all colours of suede
    • Safe to use - no solvents or abrasives
    • Cleans all items from suede sofas to suede shoes
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  2. Suede Protector
    Suede Protector

    Protects all items of suede from stains and spills.

    From £9.95

    A suede protector spray for protecting suede shoes, sofas and all other items of suede

    • Protects all items of suede and nubuck leather.
    • Repels all stains and holds dirt & grime on the surface.
    • Great for suede shoes, sofas, clothing and bags.
    • Safe to use - water-based formula
    • Protects suede without changing the look or feel
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  3. Suede Brush
    Suede Brush

    Brass wire suede brush used for cleaning all items of suede, including shoes, clothing, handbags ...


    Cleaning brush for quickly and easily cleaning all items of suede

    • Brush out loose dirt from suede
    • Restore the suede nap
    • Cleans suede shoes, sofas, handbags, clothing and more
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  4. Suede Dye
    Suede Dye

    High strength dye for all items of suede

    Out of stock

    Concentrated Suede Dye to dye all suede items in one simple application

    • Penetrates deep into suede
    • Enhances & brightens the colour
    • Quick & easy to use
    • Added oil keeps suede soft
    • Excellent colour fastness
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  5. Suede Revive
    Suede Revive

    Restores the colour of all suede items

    From £9.95

    Restores the colour of all suede items

    • Softens and revives

    • Works on all colours

    • Simple and easy to use

    • Great on nubuck too


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  6. Suede & Nubuck Handbag Care Kit
    Suede & Nubuck Handbag Care Kit

    For Handbags, Luggage, Footwear & all items of Suede & Nubuck Clothing.


    Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with this cost effective suede and nubuck cleaning and protection kit.

    • Everything you need to care for your handbag in one kit
    • Powerful cleaning and protection without damaging the look & feel of your suede or nubuck
    • Quick & easy to use with excellent results
    • Enough to fully clean & protect your handbag for up to two years
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  7. Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)
    Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)

    Great for applying leather and suede dyes


    The Wool Dauber is the best tool for applying dyes to leather and suede.

    • Provides a smooth and even finish
    • Used by leather crafters and professionals
    • 125mm metal handle
    • 20mm diameter wool head


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  8. Suede Pro Cleaner
    Suede Pro Cleaner

    Highly effective cleaner for all items of suede

    From £39.95

    Highly effective cleaner for all items of suede

    • Solvent-based cleaner
    • Eliminates dirt
    • Removes staining
    • Suitable for Suede and Nubuck


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8 Items

Suede Cleaner and Suede Protector

To keep your suede shoes, suede sofas and other items of suede in pristine condition you should regularly clean and protect the suede. Regular maintenance will help the suede repel rain and protect against stains and spills, keeping your suede looking newer, for longer.

Suede should be cleaned using a Suede Brush in conjunction with our Suede Cleaner. This will remove all dirt and grime from the suede. Once cleaned, protect the suede using our Suede Protector.

Suede Dye and Suede Restorer

If your suede items are looking old and worn they can be restored using either our Suede Revive, or dyed to a new colour using our Suede Dye. The suede revive adds oils back into the suede, helping to restore the natural colour of the suede, and making it feel softer and smoother to touch.

If the suede is really faded, or you fancy a new colour, use the Suede Dye to completely dye your suede to a new colour.

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