Floor Waxes

Floor Waxes

All of the products listed below make great wood floor waxes. Wax has been used for centuries to seal and protect wooden floors, and the wood floor waxes listed below can all be used as to wax a floor on their own, or applied on top of one of our Wood Stains or Wood Oils.

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  1. Wood Wax & Polish
    Wood Wax & Polish

    Our Wood Wax & Polish is a specialist formula, designed to feed, protect & enhance the natural be...

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    An easy-to-use, wax polish for all wooden surfaces

    • Natural formula does not contain any silicone.
    • Infused with beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil.
    • Prevents drying and deterioration.
    • Suitable for finished and unfinished wood.
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  2. Beeswax Polish
    Beeswax Polish

    Beeswax feeds, protects and enhances the shine on all wooden surfaces, natural and finished.


    A clear beeswax polish designed to feed and protect bare wood, and to protect all other wooden surfaces.

    • Natural Beeswax formula feeds, enhances and protects all fine wooden surfaces
    • Soft wax - easy to apply & more cost-effective than aerosol and other alternatives
    • Clear wax - doesn't alter the colour of the surface it is applied too
    • Provides an instant, long-lasting shine
    • Cleans, nourishes, and protects
    • Suitable for all wooden surfaces
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2 Items

About Wood Floor Waxes

Waxes have been used for a long time to maintain wooden floors, the most popular being Beeswax Polish. However, beeswax can be hard to apply to a large area, which is why we also developed our Wood Wax Polish. This brilliant floor wax also contains beeswax, but it is much thinner in consistency and so is really easy to apply.

All waxes designed for wood can be used as a wood floor wax, as they are simply protecting the surface of the wood from staining and wear & tear.

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