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  1. Foam Brushes
    Foam Brushes

    For applying dyes and paints to leather and wood.


    For applying dyes and paints to leather and wood.

    • Four piece set of various size brushes
    • Ideal for applying paint, dye and stains
    • Ideal for applying oil and varnishes
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  2. Lint Free Cloth (3 Pack)
    Lint Free Cloth (3 Pack)

    A great value 3-pack of high-quality, lint-free cloths, perfect for applying creams, oils and wax...

    • Three lint-free cloths
    • Ideal for polishing
    • 30cm x 30cm each
    • No loose fibres or threads
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  3. De-nibbing Pads
    De-nibbing Pads

    Make wooden surafces feel perfectly smooth after applying oils and varnishes.

    From £1.95

    Our De-nibbing Pads (Finishing Pads) are used to give wooden finishes a perfectly smooth feel after the appliaction of an oil or varnish;

    • Removes "nibs" and imperfections in finishes
    • Foam backed for a softer,smoother finish
    • Double sided de-nibbing pads
    • Modern alternative to steel wool
    • Can be washed and re-used
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  4. Sanding Pads
    Sanding Pads

    Foam backed abrasive pads for sanding and finishing leather and wood

    From £1.25

    Foam based abrasive pad used for sanding & finishing

    • Available as individual pads or on a roll
    • Lasts up to five times longer than ordinary foam backed sandpaper
    • Can be used wet or dry
    • Low clogging
    • Great flexibility 
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  5. Microfibre Cloth
    Microfibre Cloth

    Premium, dual-purpose applicator cloth for leather.

    From £4.50

    High quality microfibre cloth, ideal for applying cleaning & protection products to your leather.

    • Lint-free
    • Soft and gentle
    • Washable
    • Perfect for use when cleaning and protecting leather
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  6. Abrasive Hand Pad
    Abrasive Hand Pad

    Used for cleaning, prepping, sanding & polishing a wide range of surfaces.

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  7. Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg
    Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg

    For buffing & wiping down leather.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Cleaned & Bleached remnants of sheeting
    • Ideal for polishing and buffing sirfaces
    • Supplied in a 10kg bag
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  8. Stiff Scrubbing Brush
    Stiff Scrubbing Brush

    Heavy duty, stiff bristled, handheld scrubbing brush for home and garden cleaning.


    Heavy duty hand scrubbing brush with stiff natural bristles.

    • Natural Wooden Scrubbing Brush
    • Stiff Hard Wearing Bristles
    • Remove Stubborn Dirt & Stains
    • Hand-Held - 16cm x 5.5cm 
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  9. Harris Ultimate Shed & Fence Brush 100mm
    Harris Ultimate Shed & Fence Brush 100mm

    Specifically designed to give you the ultimate finish when painting and staining exterior woodwork.


    This swan neck brush has been ergonomically designed to make painting exterior woodwork as easy as possible.

    • Paints 40% faster
    • Storage case keeps paint wet for up to two weeks
    • Use with both paints and stains
    • Brilliant for Sheds, Fences and Decking
    • Use with oil and water based products


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