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Our specialist range of Wood Wax Finish and Wood Wax Polish products are designed to protect, as well as enhance the shine on all wooden surfaces; natural and finished. Our most popular Wood Wax is our Beeswax Polish, which can be used on all wooden surfaces, to impart a beautiful wax finish.

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  1. Beeswax Polish
    Beeswax Polish

    Beeswax feeds, protects and enhances the shine on all wooden surfaces, natural and finished.


    A clear beeswax polish designed to feed and protect bare wood, and to protect all other wooden surfaces.

    • Natural Beeswax formula feeds, enhances and protects all fine wooden surfaces
    • Soft wax - easy to apply & more cost-effective than aerosol and other alternatives
    • Clear wax - doesn't alter the colour of the surface it is applied too
    • Provides an instant, long-lasting shine
    • Cleans, nourishes, and protects
    • Suitable for all wooden surfaces
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  2. Wood Wax & Polish
    Wood Wax & Polish

    Our Wood Wax & Polish is a specialist formula, designed to feed, protect & enhance the natural be...

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    An easy-to-use, wax polish for all wooden surfaces

    • Natural formula does not contain any silicone.
    • Infused with beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil.
    • Prevents drying and deterioration.
    • Suitable for finished and unfinished wood.
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  3. Wood Wax Kit
    Wood Wax Kit

    Beeswax Polish, Wood Cleaner and accessories all in one kit


    The Wood Wax Kit has been designed to clean and wax all wooden surfaces with ease.

    • Works on any type of wood
    • Contains everything you need
    • Polishes and Protects
    • Contains Wood Cleaner & Beeswax Polish
    • Contains sanding pads and cloths
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  4. Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit
    Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit

    Cleaner, Beeswax, Danish Oil - the complete wood care package.


    This kit contains everything you need to clean, oil and wax all items of wood. 

    • Works on all types of wood (oak, pine, walnut, etc)
    • Great for waxing and oiling new wood
    • Can be used to restore wood back to new
    • Contains Wood Cleaner, Beeswax, Danish Oil
    • Contains all accessories too
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  5. Cutting Board Conditioner
    Cutting Board Conditioner

    A traditional blend of mineral oils to restore and protect cutting boards, butcher blocks and woo...

    From £9.95
    • Contains FDA compliant, food-grade mineral oil
    • Natural waxes to maintain and protect
    • Contains beeswax and carnauba wax
    • Food safe formula, hydrates and prevents drying
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  6. Cutting Board Maintenance Kit
    Cutting Board Maintenance Kit

    Use to restore and maintain all types of wooden chopping boards


    The perfect kit for keeping your chopping boards and kitchen utensils healthy and in good condition.

    • Made using food grade oil
    • Colourless, odourless, and tasteless products
    • Use to protect, maintain, and restore
    • Hydrates wood, preventing cracking and drying
    • Great for all types of wood
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6 Items

About Wood Wax Finish

Wax has been used as a way to finish wood for many years, protecting woodwork from absorbing moisture and enhancing the woods grain and shine. Wood waxes can be applied directly to bare/unfinished wood as a means of protection, or applied on top of other finished such as Varnish or Oil to add shine and further protection.

Wood Wax is typically made from natural ingredients such as beeswax or carnauba wax that provide a hard finish and high shine. This means the wax can also protect from, and repair, minor knocks and scratches in addition to water and staining.

We have our Beeswax Furniture Polish that is great for use on all types of wood and is based on a traditional wood wax formula. It’s a hard wax supplied in a tin and so can be polished to a high shine.

If you are looking for something easier to use, then our Wood Wax & Polish is ideal. Its beeswax and carnauba wax mixed with oil, so it nourishes and protects as well as being very easy to apply.

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